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What the buck are your hiring intentions?

We recently surveyed the market to understand their hiring intentions for the coming year.

Here’s what the +700 respondents said.

After years of growth we’re now seeing a more considered market.

Do you expect to increase the number of employees in your team in the next 12 months?

Quality over quantity  

We expect employers will focus on creating more effectiveness from the workforce. 

That potentially means fewer hires, but a higher calibre of those they do hire.  

Great news for great candidates.

Still hiring 

Interestingly 37.4% have indicated hiring intentions.

Whether through growth or optimising the team they have.

Which aligns with the level of market optimism.

Do you expect to increase the number of employees in your team in the next 12 months?

While half of respondents had no active plans to increase numbers – maintenance is not a “sinking lid” – as they say.

Migration pressures

With migration pressures on candidates who have the luxury of mobility (think no kids, mortgage + visa eligibility), there will still be a need to replace them.

As they look to head abroad or simply switch roles.

What the Buck?!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Market Snapshot & Salary Update ‘What the Buck?!’ out mid-October 2023.

It plunges deeper into these figures and provides tips for navigating the next 12 months.

Available in hard copy only – email to get on the list.

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