The Consult story is that of a good kiwi battler. We began operations in 2008 with one person at the kitchen table, but we've always had a drive and ambition to make a difference in the recruitment industry. Along came our second employee (and a mighty big recession!) in 2009, and during this time, we’ve grown every year because of our focus on looking after our people.

We've been specialists throughout our history - with a core focus on accounting and finance roles, but due to demand by clients, we have increased our specialisations into areas such as executive leadership, HR, legal, marketing, sales and business support.

We've become one of the largest specialist teams in New Zealand. We believe that the best recruiter can change your career and change your business.

We believe that good companies need exceptional recruitment agencies to help them access the talent they can't find or attract themselves.

We believe that good people need exceptional recruitment agencies to advocate for them and to get them in front of the best businesses in New Zealand.

We love what we do and the difference that we make every day.

We are very intentional about our growth plans and our opportunity to not only be the best recruitment agency in New Zealand, but to be recognised as one of the best places to work in New Zealand.

To do this requires the power of team, the power of ambition and a lot of good people! (that is where you come in!). We're always keen to speak with people with good, relevant recruitment experience (even if it isn't in our current specialisations).

We're also a great supporter and developer of people - so are always interested in people who are interested in recruitment as a career. Next steps? Contact me!