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Market Insights – How easy is it to retain high quality talent?

Results from our market survey of +700 business professionals.

In our recent market survey, we asked:

“How easy is it to retain high-quality talent compared to this time last year?”

Offering insights into talent retention trends across different sectors.

Departmental Differences

Two clear themes emerged in the talent verticals that we recruit in.

While internal talent teams had the final word.  

Accounting & Finance

In the A&F industry, it’s about the same as last year or harder to retain. 

A notable percentage of employers and hiring managers are actually finding it harder, or much harder, to keep hold of their top talent.

IT & Digital

IT & Digital employers and hiring managers are getting some relief after years of a very tight market.

Over 80% said it was about the same or easier to retain top talent – though not a single respondent said it was much easier.

Talent teams have the final word

With eyes across the whole picture, 90% of internal talent team respondents still said it was either the same or harder than last year..

Bear mind that 2022 was one the tightest talent markets in decades!

What the Buck?!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Market Snapshot & Salary Update ‘What the Buck?!’ out mid-October 2023.

It plunges deeper into these figures and provides tips for navigating the next 12 months.

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