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Having this trait makes you 4X more effective as a leader

According to the Yale School of Management.

No, it’s not influence, power, or ranking and you don’t have to be the smartest.

The trait is called Relational Energy.

I.e. How positively you energise those around you.

Where’s the proof?

A study from Yale School of Management found that leaders who are energisers produce:

  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Enhanced feelings of well-being
  • Lower turnover

How can you positively energise your team?

Here are three actionable ways:

  1. Have a praising system
  2. Personally praise weekly
  3. Utilise your team’s energisers

#1 Have a praising system

Implement a team recognition system.

Have a channel for public praise and encourage the team to nominate each other based on great work.

Then, pick a winner each week and announce it.

This way, the team are positively energising each other.

#2 Personally praise weekly

Create a simple calendar reminder to praise one person every week personally.

More praise = more positive energy.

#3 Utilise your team energisers

Identify positive energisers and leverage their impact on the team.

Use surveys to understand how team members perceive their interactions with others.

Then, provide opportunities for the energiser to lead or mentor team members to reinforce their positive impact.

And just as importantly, look after yourself.

You can’t positively energise others if you aren’t positively energised yourself.

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