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Are you sabotaging your own job search without even knowing it?

If you’ve been sending out application after application only to hear crickets.

You might be unknowingly sabotaging your job search. Here’s how:

#1 The shotgun approach

Applying to every job under the sun might seem like a good idea, but this often backfires.

By failing to target your search, you can come across as unfocused or desperate.

Cast a wide net, but don’t go for the world record in job applications per minute.

#2 Sticking to your comfort zone

It’s common to gravitate towards roles or companies that feel familiar, but this severely limits your prospects. 

Step out of your comfort zone and consider a broader range of opportunities.

You might just stumble upon an incredible job.

#3 The fear factor

Fear of rejection can be a significant hurdle when job searching.

It can lead to procrastination, self-doubt, and even prevent you from applying for roles that you’re well-suited to. 

Face your fears, and don’t let them dictate your job search.

#4 Selling yourself short

Are you underselling yourself? 

Modesty is a virtue, but a job application is not the place for it. 

Be honest, be proud, and ensure employers know why you’re the best.

If you need help, we’re here to boost you up!

#5 Ignoring feedback

If you’re not learning from your rejections, you’re wasting a valuable opportunity. 

Constructive feedback highlights areas for improvement. 

If you identify and address them, you’ll boost your chances in future applications.

#6 Overdoing it

Job hunting can be a marathon, not a sprint. 

If you spend every waking hour scouring job boards and frantically customising your CV, you’re at risk of burning out.

Remember, it’s okay to rest. Even the most dedicated athletes need their recovery days!

A final word

We also want to highlight that jobseeking isn’t easy.

Sometimes, the cards don’t fall your way – but don’t stop trying!

Recruiters can help you navigate these pitfalls – if you need help, register with us.

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