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Is your interview style scaring away the best candidates?

If any of the following styles ring a bell, it might be time to change tactics.

It’s no secret. If you want the best, you have to interview like the best.

This is why your interview technique can be the make-or-break factor in securing top talent. 

So, we’ve listed four common errors that could cause those perfect candidates to walk straight back out the door.

1. A lukewarm welcome

Imagine stepping into an office where no one expects you or makes you feel welcome. 

Likely, you’d start questioning what you’re stepping into, right? 

First impressions matter! Treat candidates as you would a valued client: greet them by name and make them feel important.

2. Sorry, did you want to say something?

Remember, it’s not an interrogation. Not letting them ask questions or ignoring answers clouds your judgement on a candidate’s suitability and suggests disinterest. 

They’re assessing you as much as you are them. Ensure it’s a two-way conversation!

3. Dimming your own lights

The best candidates are drawn to the best companies. They want to know why you work there, so highlight team members’ success stories and show passion for the company and its values. 

If you’re negative or vague about the company’s merits, you’ll raise major red flags.

4. Ghosting candidates

The post-interview phase is as critical as the interview itself. 

Leaving candidates in the dark is agonising for them and harms your reputation. Make sure you set clear expectations for the follow-up and stick to them.

It’s more important than you think!

In all honesty, we know interviewing can be tricky. If you need help or advice, get in touch!

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Scam Alert: Beware of scammers on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp posing as Consult Recruitment employees. If you're contacted on these platforms about job opportunities, please don’t reply and inform us here.