This week, David McGregor shares the top tips he is giving legal clients and candidates at the moment. David leads two verticals here at Consult, legal and business. In legal, he works across private practice and in-house at all levels, while his business vertical specialises in senior leadership and executive level roles.   

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What are law firms looking for in senior candidates?

For senior positions, our law firm clients are increasingly focusing on a candidate's ability to coach and develop people. We are now almost always being asked by clients to take references from former juniors and intermediates of a candidate, e.g. a Solicitor who has been coached by a Senior Associate. So it's important to remember, when you're more senior in a firm, juniors and intermediates share who's good and not good to work with, not just Partners.


What is the biggest tip you are giving legal candidates at the moment?

You're in high demand, and everyone knows it. But take your time, be specific, be selective with your search process and target specific firms and different teams, and practice areas within those firms.


What is the biggest tip you are giving employers at the moment?

Don't play games with low ball offers to candidates. Don’t start with lower than expected offers and "work up" from there. Landing a candidate isn't a M&A deal or a settlement offer situation - it's opening an employment or partnership relationship so open with a compelling offer and go from there.


What market insight can you provide at the moment?

Lawyers talk amongst themselves all the time, they're constantly sharing thoughts on problem partners, REM, who's hiring who, which firms actually care about and implement well-being projects etc. Assume your firm is being talked about by your own staff and other lawyers in the market - don't be a firm where many candidates just don't want to go.

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