This week, Olivia Howse shares the top tips and insight she is giving clients and candidates in the temp and contract space. Olivia has been with Consult for 3 1/2 years, working her way up from a new graduate to a Senior Talent Advisor. She focuses on the full spectrum of accounting roles, from entry level to senior talent.

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What are businesses looking for in their temps/contractors?

We are seeing companies seeking contract accountants with strong system and analytical skills. This is driven by projects around changing technology, automation and business insights. As such, many contractors are upskilling to advanced Excel knowledge and taking on different contracts specifically to learn new systems.


What advice are you giving temps/contractors at the moment?

It might seem a bit early to be talking about the Christmas holiday period but we are starting to talk to our temps and contractors about their availability over this time. It is important to start thinking about if you will be available over this time or not. Some companies have shut down periods, but for others, it is their busiest time of the year for the accounts team. This will help manage expectations for both parties.


What advice are you giving employers at the moment?

Most professional or career temps and contractors will have very different CVs than what you have seen when recruiting for permanent staff. Often, it can be helpful to use consultants who specialise in just the temp and contract space, who can explain their candidate profiles to you in much more detail. A lot of the time we would have placed these people multiple times and built strong relationships with them, so we understand their skill set and availability.


What market insight can you provide at the moment?

Contracting is a growing career path, we are seeing more and more people taking on these roles as a long-term career choice. This helps provide a variety of work, increased skill set, as well as help with flexibility and work-life balance.

Employers who have traditionally only taken on permanent staff are starting to see the value in taking on contractors for specific projects, for specialised skills and for covering staff during busy periods.

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