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Location, Location, Location or not???


In Auckland we talk about two things.  A lot. Yes, you guessed it – the weather and the traffic.  (Sorry, but the Blues have fallen away this year, but I live in hope for 2019).

When interviewing talent, we always discussed location preferences – how far will they travel, how will they travel, what is their preferences of location over company culture over career progression over salary.

Everyone wants to work for the great organisation, which is located down the road from home, pays well and offers career progression.  The reality however, is that you’ll likely need to make a compromise amongst these.

So what’s most important?  Well, if you listen to the ‘talk’ – (you know, the grumblings in the lunch room etc about traffic) you would assume that the most important thing to people is working in a company that is close to their home.  But this isn’t correct.

Our 2018 What The Buck salary guide surveyed job seekers to find out what is the most important factor when considering a role – and the results were surprising:


That’s right – 35% of people said the environment they work in is more important than career progression (33%), than their salary (22%) and certainly more important than location (6%).

So stop listening to the grumbles about the traffic, about derailed trains and about striking bus drivers – while these are a pain and an inconvenience – as an employer, if you focus on creating a great team environment – you will be appealing to the majority of job seekers.

More on that next week…

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A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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Scam Alert: Beware of scammers on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp posing as Consult Recruitment employees. If you're contacted on these platforms about job opportunities, please don’t reply and inform us here.