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7 Questions You Need To Ask In A Recruitment Agency Interview

You’re dressed in your best suit or skirt, your heart is racing – and you can’t stop thinking about what questions the recruiter will ask in your agency interview!

Wait… shouldn’t you be thinking about what questions to ask them?

When you meet with a recruitment consultant, remember it’s a two-way street. They need to get to know you as a candidate (and as a person) so they can put you forward for roles that best suit your skillset.

But – it’s just as important (if not more!), that you get an understanding of how they work and what to expect from them. Working with the right agency can be a major asset to your career, so it’s worth taking some time to get it right.


  • How established is the business?
  • How long has the consultant been there? What is their experience? Why do they work there? 

These questions are super important because if (consultant) turnover is high, it’s pretty likely that the agency doesn’t have strong client relationships.

  • How many consultants are here and who will I deal with?
  • Do you specialise or are you generalists?
  • Can you give me an idea of the types of clients you have?
  • What sets you apart from other agencies?
  • What will you do with my details? This one is important. You need reassurance from them that your personal details will not be sent anywhere without your permission – so make sure you ask!

You should walk away from your agency interview feeling like you’ve met someone knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. Always ask yourself whether you would be happy having that person represent you to a potential employer.

To avoid wasting your time, you can ask some questions during your first screening call from the recruiter. That way, you can decide whether it’s actually worth meeting with the consultant. If you do find that your first meeting (or any other meeting) with an agency isn’t great, remember there’s nothing that says you can’t walk away from them -simply ask to be taken off their books!

We think our team of accounting, finance, and banking consultants are pretty darn cool (and they’re extra good at answering questions)! Get in touch with the team at Consult to get on your way to finding your next awesome job.

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Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

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A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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