First impressions count.  So why, after spending all that time on your resume do you shoot yourself in the foot with a crappy voicemail?  When organisations or recruiters are hiring, every single aspect of the interaction with the candidate is being measured, reviewed and interpreted.  Nothing conveys lack of communication, effort or professionalism like a rubbish voicemail.

Here are the most stupid things people do with their voicemail: 

1. Not having a voicemail!

I get it, it’s better easier to check text messages rather than check voicemails, but the reality of a job search is that people will leave messages because you can’t always pick up the phone. So set up a voicemail!!!  Nothing says technology incompetent or perhaps communication issues more than a voicemail with that robotic voice saying one hasn’t been set up.

2. A voicemail saying “don’t leave a message, send a text”

I’m sorry but in a recruitment context, that is just impolite and impersonal.  You’re not a robot, so why would you treat a recruiter or a potential hiring manager like one?  Unless of course you are applying for a role as a robot, in which case, you’re in the running….

3. "The number you have dialled is unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone”

Gaaahhhhhhhh!!!!  So annoying!! Did I call the right number or did you give me the number wrong? Either way, I’m probably moving onto the next candidate.

4. “Yo yo, it’s me in da house!  You know what to do. Beep…"

I probably don’t need to elaborate.  However, unless you are actually Eminem or Drake applying for an accounting role, let’s just keep the gangsta rapper vibes under control.

5. “Beep…”

Seriously?  When effective communication skills are vital in every role, the ‘beepmail’ puts you automatically on the no list for the role.

So What to do? 

Update your voicemail (and your job prospects) by having something like:

“Hi there, you’ve reached Josephine Bloggs.  Sorry I can’t take your call right now. Please leave a message for me and I will get back to you as soon as I am free.  Thanks so much for calling!”

See - it’s quite simple really.  The job search is one when you should be having conversations.  You can’t pick up the phone all the time and that’s okay.

But please, please improve your job prospects by conveying your professionalism, your positivity and respect by having a decent voicemail when you can’t pick up the phone.


Looking to talk to a real person about your next hire or next accounting job rather than just leave a message? Give us a call (or on the rare chance we do not answer check out our voicemail!). We are always looking to meet great people who are passionate about Accounting & Finance.  

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