Many of my conversations with the lawyers I meet often turn to them talking about their career aspirations and what they need to do to make their next career move. The biggest piece of advice I give them is:

Have a career plan focused on what you need to do and be realistic about the timelines. Whether your potential move is to an in-house corporate team, for a partner opportunity, or for a more defined pathway, you need to take into account the following: 

Be a client led lawyer. Be proactive. While you will always have an overriding duty to the law, be a lawyer who wants to catch up with their clients to see what is going on in the market. Build a relationship with them. Don't be seen as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff!

Think about your practice area. If you have only been practicing in dispute work but want to widen your perspective into other practice areas, you need to be thinking about this in advance. Most law firms can offer both contentious and non-contentious work, especially if you are in a smaller practice. However, make sure you get a balance. Ensure your experience is not so broad that you never deep dive into the practice area. 

Are you really ready for in-house? You may be getting itchy feet after working for three years post qualifying but realistically to go in-house as a lawyer, you need to have 6-9 years’ post qualifying experience. While you may be technically very experienced, you may be lacking in commercial acumen. You need to be able to have a robust discussion with a CFO or a COO and demonstrate a commercial approach to dealing with issues.

I hope this helps on your job search! 

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If you need any support with your career planning or your next career move, please get in touch with me at or 09 410 7235. I practiced law for eight years before joining the Consult team.

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