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5 Top Coping Tips For Managed Isolation Success

When your life is normally jam-packed with work and social engagements, the thought of having a significant period of (forced) downtime is daunting. But, as I’ve experienced over the last 10 days, a welcome bit of rest can actually be extremely rewarding!

After 3 flights, 4 covid tests and a massive amount of jetlag, my husband and I are nearing the end of a 14-day quarantine in Canada, all while impatiently awaiting the birth of our daughter.

People of course react differently to having long periods of alone and/or quiet time. Instead of binging on bad food and Netflix shows (if you look hard enough you can find the weirdest game shows to while away the hours), I decided to use this time to look at some habits I wanted to modify. And while it’s still early days, it has made me feel more productive and healthier.

Here are some of my tips to surviving a forced 2 week slow down, so that you can come out the other side thriving.

  • Have a schedule. Endless time in one place when you normally lead a pretty active life feels odd. It’s easy to get into the trap of Instagram in bed, while watching TV on another screen while waiting for the food to be delivered. I found it important to set my alarm each morning and get out of bed to do some form of exercise (there are plenty of aspiring influencers on social media with workout plans you can use).

    Your day can largely be dictated by meals and your designated 30 minutes of outdoor time, but try not to spend all your time on the bed as there is a high chance you will fall back to sleep (which is especially bad for jet lag!). Even sitting in another spot in the room can be helpful.
  • Stay hydrated. I’m a terrible water consumer, but fairly competent with a glass of wine (!!). In quarantine, it is all too easy to up the intake of alcohol, (despite the hotel prices) but too much is not ideal for your physical and mental health. I decided to use my time in quarantine as a bit of a reset and I am pleasantly surprised to say that without some of the stressors of my normal life, I haven’t wanted to reach for the chard as much.

    I also found that the hotel room aircon really dehydrated my skin, so make sure to up the moisturizer (it’s not like you don’t have the time).
  • Simplify. I am pretty addicted to my phone at the best of times, but when it’s your only source of the outside world for 14 days, it can be even harder to put down. What I noticed however was how many notifications I was getting which I didn’t actually need. I used this time to turn off notifications from apps and unsubscribe to a whole lot of direct mail that was clogging my inbox (sorry marketing clients!). Also now might also be the time to simplify things like automatic payments, bills, put photos in order etc. I found this pretty cathartic, but also something that will help reduce screen time when I get out.
  • Think about what you miss (and what you don’t). It’s been awesome to get a bit of headspace, and it has helped me realize some of the things I have maybe taken for granted (like being able to run outside, and get decent coffee – Amano, I really miss you) but also some of the things that I don’t really need so much.

Also, this version of quarantine has been pretty self-obsessed, but the next one will be with a newborn! If anyone has tips on surviving 2 weeks with one of those, please let me know!

See you soon! RGS

Post blog writing update: RGS has half an hour ago been released from quarantine. Watch out Canada!!

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