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Sam Patterson

Senior Talent Advisor

Sam Patterson

Client Solutions Manager

021 825 292

Being a food, travel and rugby nut there was only one country I was going to end up in. After having been lucky enough to have lived in America and having explored much of Europe, as it was on my doorstep growing up in the UK, I decided that I was right all along and NZ was the one for me. I started out in hospitality with a dream of opening a restaurant, before realising while I loved cooking food…I loved eating it more. This lead to a fortuitous conversation and my introduction to recruitment, which has been a great experience and allowed me to meet some amazing people and help some fascinating businesses.

I am sensibly listening to my financially minded candidates by putting plans in motion for my pension and am hoping to secure a part-time TV rugby pundits job by leveraging my close contacts in true recruitment style. Having slapped Pat Lam on the back (post 2000 European cup win for Northampton) and exchanging waves with Sir Clive Woodward (at a 2003 England game) I am just waiting for them to pick up the phone to me with offers…until that day you can find me exploring everything Auckland has to offer and trying to act like a local by getting out on the water, barring some re-occurring serious sea-sickness issues!

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