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Paul Cameron


Paul Cameron


09 410 7235

Paul is one of those people that has done heaps in life without looking like he is 150 years old. After flying for the RNZAF, he successfully ran a couple of technology businesses before deciding that Consult needed his expert help.

Paul’s broad experience around running businesses, technology and people means he is adding so much value to the Consult team. Which is the corporate speak for him completing all the too hard tasks on our to do lists.

Having spent the last 8 years on a plane to New York, LA or Toronto; Paul is super excited to have his feet on Kiwi soil, to be focused on value add and to be able to help smash out Consult goals.

The only slight contention is Paul’s (unhealthy) appetite for Golf. He says it helps client / candidate relationships and because Consult is an advocate for healthy staff, that it is also important we have a corporate membership.

If you’re a keen golfer and keen for a round – have a chat with Paul.

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