If you google “specialist recruitment consultant for accounting firms in Auckland”, chances are - Harry’s profile will appear.  Harry has had considerable Accounting & Finance recruitment experience in New Zealand (and internationally) but has chosen to further specialise in recruiting for Accounting Firms and to make Consult his home.  All smart choices of course!

The team are secretly envious of Harry’s ability to ALWAYS look sharp. Even when he is “dressing down”, he looks better than most of us. It’s a skill we are hoping will rub off on the rest of us (except for Tom of course, who is already sorted #harveyspecter).


Specialising solely in the Professional Practice and Accounting Advisory market, Harry brings with him a wealth of market knowledge and solid relationships with Partners, Owners and key decision makers. He’s a massive fan of coffee which is good, because coffee is, well, everything.

Harry is a solid believer in long term relationships and on-going continuous partnership which is why he is one of the best agency consultants for accounting firms in Auckland. If you're a Partner seeking a new team player, or if you're a potential candidate plotting your next career move, Harry is your go-to person if you’d like an open and honest chat, and the results that matter!