Crispin started as a recruiter way back in the last millennium in England (that explains his sense of humour). He switched to the "dark side" (in-house corporate recruitment) and stayed there for quite a while before he realised he was moving away from everything he loved about the role (people!). He eventually saw the light and is now one of our senior talent advisors. He gets really quite excited about helping accountants find their number nirvana, and can frequently be found pacing around the Consult kitchen, earnestly imparting interview techniques over the phone.

When not in the office or chasing his angelic children around, he can be found wielding a chainsaw on what he likes to call his "estate".

Crispin has been the most professional, understanding, and genuine recruiter that I have dealt with in my career. This reinforces the Consult brand, making it my first choice for quality recruitment. Keep it up!


I was in touch with several agencies during my job search. Crispin and the team at Consult were by far better than all others. The shortest way to explain why is to say ‘they really care’. Thanks Consult.


My experience with Consult was great - I could not fault it at all. Constant communication and feedback from Crispin throughout the whole process, not only with regards to interviews or potential roles, but he also gave great advice on how to present my CV and interview tips and tricks. Nothing was too much trouble for the team which took the stress and pressure out of job hunting.


The best team I have dealt with! Especially grateful to Steve and Crispin. You guys rock! Have been telling all my friends to not even bother with other agencies and come to see your team first. Thank you so much once again.


I like the individual focus at Consult Recruitment - it is far superior to any of the other recruitment agencies where candidates are just treated as a number in the database. I really appreciate the hard work Crispin and Renee put in during the recruitment process, as well as the honest and open communication we shared.


You have been awesome Crispin! From my personal experience with recruitment agencies, Consult is number for me. Your service has been amazing and I just want to give others the opportunity to experience Consult’s service.


Crispin has been so supportive and the interviews I have been for with him have been amazing as he really prepares you for the role.


I have never come across agents like you. Real people investing in real people. Thank you very much Crispin and Renee for your time, effort, and energy in placing me in a role that I have passion for. I really appreciate your honest feedback, fast response, and open communication. You guys are awesome.


Thanks Crispin! I am pleased as punch and would never have got there without all the awesome advice from you about how to interview well. I’m so grateful for that.


The rumour says it all but experiencing it totally a different story. Consult's team are professional, reliable, honest, and expert.
They got me this awesome job and helped me settled into the job. They then assisted us in the largest project in our company history. It was hard work for all parties locally and globally but without Consult, the team would not be as solid as they are now.
So THANK YOU Steven and Crispin. I personally and on behalf of my company appreciate what you have done.


Amazing positive people with a passion for the work they do and a talent for finding out just what makes people tick.


I found both Crispin's and Consult Recruitment's performance to be excellent.


Crispin is very reliable, professional, and exceptionally helpful. I have dealt with him a few times and each time he made sure I was fully informed about the job and the prospective employer, leaving no room for error to get the job. Thank you, Crispin!


Crispin was great throughout the entire process. I found him to be extremely professional and genuine. The company as a whole generates a very good impression.


Fabulous company to deal with. Treated with respect and showing an interest and care in finding and recommending the right job.


Crispin and Renee never gave up on me. They always stayed in touch and kept on putting me forward for opportunities.


I feel that Crispin & Consult has a personal touch and that was demonstrated every time


Crispin was very professional and friendly. Very useful and helpful feedback.


Crispin was very helpful, I felt very comfortable, and the information I received was excellent!


I found Crispin and Consult great to deal with! I had a very positive experience and outcome each time I have used Consult for my staffing needs.


I found them so helpful with advice on how to approach the interview and very supportive before and after the interview


Always get good candidates and Consult goes the extra mile for their recruits


The company appears to be a fresh modern take on the industry. The consultants I dealt with were real and professional and offered great advice.


During our meeting the contact from the consultants feels genuine and they are quite knowledgeable about the their area.


You guys always keep in contact and are easy to talk to! Keep up the great work


I felt open to chat to Crispin about my goals towards next role. He was open enough to offer advise and tips how I can approach my next job search. The tips on Networking was very valuable. I feel like I can talk to Crispin about getting a second opinion on a possible opportunity not only through Consult but also through direct or another agency. This was very different to other agencies I have met.


The initial interview with Crispin was both welcoming and positive. They spent the time to get to know you as a person as well as your skills. A very refreshing atmosphere that left you feeling positive.


One of the best, if not the best, recruitment companies that I've dealt with!


The service from Seth, Crispin and all the consultants I have had contact with has always been highly professional and friendly.


Consult have been in touch with me for over a year about helping me find a job. They have always followed up with me after the initial contact and that really impressed me as most agencies do not go to this effort. They also offered to put me forward for 2 jobs which I really liked!


The follow-up was unexpected and the advice provided (even after placement) was invaluable.


Both Olivia and Steve are highly proactive and approachable. Within minutes of meeting them, I had a job interview right up my alley. Consult understand client needs and candidate preference. Crispin gave precious advice on every aspect of seeking employment and professional development. I felt very supported and grateful for such attention. Thank you Team Consult!


Excellent service - makes you feel like they are part of your personal recruitment team, rather than a firm that puts you/your requests into a box. Always felt could call them and ask for advice and get a genuine opinion based on their experience in the market - means that Crispin's number is saved in my phone and the first person I call when anything to do with recruitment needs or questions.


Crispin and Consult are not just in it for the short term but the long term.

I met with Crispin when I was 'thinking' about leaving my job at the time. He was incredibly helpful and full of good advice. Not only did he put me forward for a job, he gave advice on how to interview well. Then when I was successful in the job he remained in contact and again offered great advice along the way. I have since passed on his name to 5 of my colleagues/friends as I have never felt so impressed with a recruitment process.


I found the service from Crispin was tailored to me and great. He really understood me as a candidate and found appropriate opportunities.


Crispin showed genuine interest during my interview and gave me practical advice. Thanks so much!


Crispin and the team at Consult treat you as a respected client, rather than just another number. If you're looking for a business partner who goes the extra distance, I recommend Consult!


Great personalised service from Crispin. I have used Consult as both a candidate and employee and found the service from both perspectives to be fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone needing a recruitment professional in the accounting and finance space.


I received very open and honest advice from Crispin The only agency to stay in touch with me regularly.


I was very happy with Crispin. His communication and knowledge of how the process for getting senior roles works is excellent.


I have always found my interactions with Consult to be positive, insightful and enjoyable.


Easy to get along with, good candidates and very good communication


Personable and make an effort to place you in a job that suits you and your career goals.


Great staff, who are approachable and helpful.


Have always received great service from the staff I have dealt with


Received great advice - professional and Consult Recruitment has a great network

Vannora Sa

Very professional and good to deal with and have a good knowledge of the finance market and skill sets required for roles


Good interaction with Crispin, very personable. Good first meeting.


I find Consult staff to be friendly and helpful.


Crispin is awesome, he really gets the culture of our finance team and therefore the people we're looking for.


Good people that take a genuine interest in your career


I have used Consult for more than 8 years and received excellent service and employees


You are always treated well when you deal with Consult. This is the second time I have sought Crispin's help when searching for a new role and he is always great to work with.


Very professional and Crispin is a great guy


Consult has always provided with highly skilled and capable candidates and understands the needs of Vector and the levels we are seeking. Consult has never disappointed with the quality of candidates they bring on the table.


I had never followed up myself in terms of an update. Always had an update on a daily basis while waiting.


Experienced consultants with good understanding of Akl market


Very professional in their approach