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Redundant? Small Tips to Help You Move Forward Right Now

The thing about 2020 is…well…it has sucked for so many. But ever the optimists – we know a few things: things will get better AND if you have been made redundant you’re certainly not alone!  So, it’s OK to be feeling a bit lost at the moment, but right now it’s important you use that energy to do all the right things, so we can get you back into work soon. 

Here are some tips to help you post redundancy:

1. Review your Resume – This is a unique situation where you can be at home and focus on yourself. If you have little kids under your feet, don’t feel guilty about giving them screen time, so that you can work on your CV. Spend some time going through your CV with a fine-tooth comb, also take the time to read our blog Writing A Great CV

You’ll probably never get this time again to focus so much attention on your CV, so make the most of it!  Also – many recruitment consultants are available to help, so once you’ve had a play – email it through and organise a time to catch up with your favourite consultant.

2. Work on your ‘sell’ – Practice prior to the interview, so that you can clearly articulate the reasons for your redundancy in a natural and succinct fashion (without getting upset).  Leaders and hiring managers will be sympathetic and understanding – they’ve probably had to let people go due to COVID-19 and had sleepless nights worrying about their staff, but preparing and articulating your response in your own home helps you to manage the emotions better in an interview environment.  

3. Be Reflective –  Don’t be “that” person, don’t bad mouth your previous employer. No future employer feels good hearing your complaints (and frankly they will worry you will say the same thing about them in the future). So, make sure you have worked hard to remove the emotion from the conversation. Instead focus on moving forward and how you can help this organisation achieve their goals.

4. Positive Attitude – This can hurt, especially if you have dependents or you are a single income household, but attitude is critical to your next steps and future success!

Quite often when I interview candidates post redundancy, they can come off exceptionally down-heartened and lacklustre. People tend to put a lot of their self-worth into their jobs, so when they are let go, they take it very personally. I can’t stress enough how important it is to remain upbeat, even if this is your fourth interview in a row.  

Your reality is that hiring managers are looking for fit as well as experience and skills and if you come across as someone with no energy… they won’t hire you. 

So, use this time to ensure that you are looking after yourself and investing in your energy and well-being.  Take advice from people in the know – John Kirwan has just released a free app to help, so check that out.  What you invest in yourself right now is what you will end up with in a few weeks time – so make sure you get yourself in a good space. Now is a good time to remind you too that we are here to help – sometimes it helps to talk things through, so call your recruiter to find out how they are and to share your thoughts.

5. Networks – Now is not the time to apply for roles you have never done before, (because you will be up against people with experience!). Focus instead on what you know and where you can add the most value. Use your networks before you have been off the job market for too long, reach out to old managers, industry colleagues, or recruitment consultants; people that you respect and can reconnect with. 

Not all roles will be advertised, so reach out to those people who know you and can give you industry information and leads. There is no shame in asking others for help; people and your community will naturally want to help, as most have experienced something similar or know a loved one who has.

6. Contract opportunities will be huge! – Make sure you are considering contract roles moving forward! Did you ever have a recruiter call you about a contract position that sounded amazing? Still, you couldn’t justify leaving the security of your permanent job, well now you can! Consider picking up a fixed-term or a contracting role, it will buy you some time while you reassess (and while the market gets better).  

In our discussions with many business leaders lately they are saying that in the short term – the opportunities will be in contract positions, so make sure you are making yourself available for them!

I want to finish off by saying be kind to yourself; lots of people are feeling the strain that this pandemic has brought to our doorstep. And: things will get better, we are in this together. It might take a while, but the economy will pick up again, NZ will recover and you might find yourself in the best role you’ve ever had.

If you have been affected by redundancy and need to have a chat, please contact any of us at Consult – we are not just here for you in the glory days, we are also here to help you when things are tough. So, don’t be a stranger, drop us a line and let’s chat!

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Scam Alert: Beware of scammers on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp posing as Consult Recruitment employees. If you're contacted on these platforms about job opportunities, please don’t reply and inform us here.