I can see your eyes roll back as you read the subject of this blog, here we go again you are thinking, yet another article about how to write a resume. But I’ve always found it ironic that the most important document you’ll ever write (your resume) is the same document that none of us want to write!  

Maybe it’s because it is, well, awkward to spout on about your achievements, or there are just more compelling things to do, but there is no doubt that a good resume is still vital in the job search process.

So, in this busy world - how do you keep your resume up to date effectively?  Here are our top resume tips:


1. Keep a resume master file (RMF).

Your resume master file is basically your brain dump of every relevant job you’ve had.  It contains details like special projects or teams that you’ve worked in, maybe specific achievements or awards you’ve had, but also important things like who you reported to, what systems you worked on, dates etc.  It is more detailed than your resume will ever be, but it helps you to remember key details which are important - for example - who worked with you on the systems implementation role three years ago?

We forget these details quickly, so your RMF is a brilliant reminder for yourself.  Knowing specifically which SAP modules and versions you’ve worked on can be the difference between you getting an interview (or not).


2. Keep your LinkedIn profile relevant and up to date.

To be clear, your LinkedIn profile is not your resume - it is like a highlight reel of your career. But, it still should be included in the process of keeping your resume up to date, because you never know who might be searching for you.  An outdated LinkedIn profile means you may be overlooked for your dream role.  

Make sure that if you have a change in job title or have successfully completed a specific project that you at least put it on your LinkedIn profile.


3. Email yourself with your achievements during the year.

We get busy and often by the end of a project, you are sick of it, so then is not the ideal time to put it into your resume.  Instead - set yourself up a gmail account such as joebloggscareer@gmail.com - you can use this to email details of roles (JDs), or projects or feedback from your bosses (it is so nice to read these!).  In setting up this account, you’ll always have a seperate portal which will have all the relevant information you need. Plus, you can also use this address to apply for roles and then everything career related is in one place.

Make sure you email yourself regularly - it literally takes two seconds to forward on relevant information, so just do it!


4. Set a time in your calendar every six months to update.

Literally, set an appointment in your calendar at least every six months (ideally quarterly) to give yourself time to update your RMF, your LinkedIn profile and resume, and email yourself with any specific information you’d like to keep.  Take yourself out for a coffee and make an event of it - as you reflect on your achievements, it also becomes a great opportunity for you to plan out your career goals too!


5. Make sure you get someone trusted to review!

It’s easy to overlook things and not include them in your resume update, it's also easy for your resume to fall out of fashion (talking about yourself in the 3rd person is the most common mistake!) - so run your resume by someone you trust, but also someone with the knowledge of your job, the job market and what is current right now.  Your mentor, your trusted recruiter or your mate with extensive HR experience are probably top of mind. Getting the 3rd party feedback from someone whose opinion you value is critical.


Your resume is (still) hugely important. Your LinkedIn profile might be your foot in the door, but for the foreseeable future, until recruiters are riding around in driverless cars, searching for candidates on virtual reality headsets, viewing their digital portfolio of blogs, vlogs, podcasts and instagram stories, we are still somewhat saddled with the good old-fashioned resume.

Your resume is your chance to tell your story and showcase your achievements, so make sure you invest a little bit of time often on keeping it current to help you put your best foot forward.

If you need a hand getting your resume sorted, get in touch with one of the team here on 09 410 7235 - we can help!

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