January is a moving month! Therefore, it is no surprise that during this month I get asked a lot: “How can I stand out as a job seeker looking for business support roles? What are companies looking for?”

My biggest piece of advice is:

Ultimately, if you want to stand out it comes down to your attitude and if your personality fits the organisation that is hiring. For every business support role we work on there is a large volume of people available with the same skill set who can do the same job.

We have placed people into business support roles who don’t necessarily have the level of skills required but they have a can-do attitude and want to learn. Employers really recognise and value this, versus someone who has the skills and experience but does not have a willingness to learn, be cheerful, want to grow in their role and are happy to muck in to get things done, even if the task is not in their job title.

Your CV gives off the first impression. It should be clear and conscience, with a simple layout, listing your previous roles and the length of time you were there, your main responsibilities and any key achievements. This will open the door for a phone conversation.

Remember companies are looking for a can-do attitude, always answer the phone politely because you never know who is on the other end, especially when you know you have applied for a job. Having a conversation that flows is important, where you are able to talk about the responsibilities listed on your CV. This will provide an insight into your personality over the next 10 minutes to judge if you are a fit for the hiring organisation.

I hope this helps! 

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