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Lockdown 2.0 – Almost There People!! Is it Just Us or Does Everyone Want to Get Back to the Office?

Across Auckland right now, there are a lot of people breathing out – anticipating ‘back to normal(ish)’ next week.

I’ve spoken with a number of people and they’ve told me their team reaction is the same:

While lockdown 1.0 had a number of people who didn’t want to come back to work; lockdown 2.0 seems to show that people are desperate to get back to the office.

So what has happened?  Here are some potential ideas:

  • The novelty has worn off. 1.0, despite being stressful, was good in a lot of ways – no commute, no need to dress up etc etc – 2.0 just seems to be dragging on.
  • The bounce back was great! Many organisations were actually doing great post 1.0 and prior to 2.0 – this was exciting for most employees and gives comfort, so we don’t want to see that change.
  • The weather is rubbish. Remember 1.0? Day after day of blue skies and late summer weather – it was epic (apart from that water issue!) 2.0 has been the standard Auckland winter of wind, rain, but with the addition of no Fiji or Raro…
  • We are tired and over it. While 1.0 was exciting in a weird way – we were running on adrenaline and now, well there isn’t much gas left in the tank and we actually liked it being normal (thank you very much).
  • Our eyes are square from too much zoom/google hangouts.Everyone is talking about how shattered you get from too much time on the computer. The reality is that sitting in front of a computer to have meetings is tiring (and a bit boring). Nothing replaces meeting people in real life – after all, we aren’t robots!
  • There is something about routine that keeps us happy. We’ve realised that while we like to grump about going to work – it is the camaraderie and culture and vibe that we enjoy; and we miss that.
  • We are rubbish teachers! Most working parents have had the added stress again of having to keep the kids entertained and educated; and most of us are not good at it! So, we would like our teachers back please and schools opened. Thank you very much.

What about you? How has 2.0 been for you compared to 1.0? Are you ready to get back or are you quite happy (thank you very much) at home?  

Our team is back in the office from Monday and raring to go! We have a bunch of work on the go and we are still actively meeting potential candidates, so please, if you are looking for a new role or need a special addition to your team – please get in touch! 09 410 7235 is the number to have a chat and we will put you in touch with one of our specialists.

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