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AI tools to improve productivity.

Here are 8 AI tools to make your work life that little bit easier.

We all have tedious tasks we hate doing at work.

Magical AI can help with those. It’s a free Google extension that can create messages from scratch, update forms instantly, and automate annoying tasks.

Todoist is a Google Chrome extension that can help keep you on top of your tasks at work.

It lets you organise your daily tasks, track progress and set up reminder notifications. That’s better than pen and paper, right?

Staying focused is a skill in itself, especially if you work from home. is an AI-generated music tool that creates a unique soundtrack for you to have complete focus on your work.

Presentations can be pretty tedious to create, right? Well, Tome can help you create them faster by turning documents into slide decks in seconds.

That’s quicker than you’ll spend designing your cover page.

You want to write good, right? (bad grammar intended btw).

Grammarly has an AI-writing function that helps catch and reduce mistakes in your copy. It’s like having a second pair of eyes 👀

Reading through lengthy reports and articles can be mind-numbing. genei is a comprehensive research tool that can do the heavy lifting for you.

It reads, annotates, and summarises PDFs and webpages, providing you with a breakdown of essential information.

Vowel is an AI-powered video conferencing & meeting software.

It can help teams to host, summarize, search, and share video meetings. Super handy!

We can’t not put this one in, right? But how well does it work for you?

When using ChatGPT, make sure your prompt or question is clear, i.e.

“Imagine you are an interviewer for a [job]. Conduct an interview with me to test my knowledge.”

Bonus tools

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Generative AI has compiled this list of 120 AI tools 🤯

We hope these help ⚡️

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