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7 signs an employee is about to quit

There are multiple signs that things are turning sour for your employee.

By being alert to them, you can take proactive steps to address any concerns. Keeping your valuable talent from slipping away.

And, even if they’re not planning on leaving, when you notice these signs, check in with them…

Before that decision changes.

#1: The lone wolf.

When an employee withdraws from social interactions with their coworkers, avoids team activities, or displays a lack of interest in building relationships, it may suggest they’re mentally preparing to move on.

#2: The MIA employee.

If you notice an employee taking more sick leave, it could be a sign that they’re preparing to bid farewell.

Obviously, there are times when there is no intent behind this, but it could be best to check in – just in case.

#3: A change of attitude.

You might witness changes in an employee’s attitude – i.e. more complaints, lack of collaboration, withdrawn behaviour, or overall unhappiness.

This may be a sign they’re not enjoying their current situation.

#4: They’ve lost interest.

An employee starts to noticeably lose interest in work.

It might be in meetings, during team activities, or maybe they just show a lack of motivation when assigned tasks.

This could indicate they’re beginning to check out.

#5: There’s no “I” in team.

They’re less interested in collaboration and cooperation with teammates, prioritising individual tasks over team efforts.

This may be a sign their pulling back from the team and future long-term projects.

#6: No desire for growth.

They show little interest in pursuing additional training, skill development opportunities, or career advancement.

It could be an indicator they don’t have a long term view of their job.

#7: A drop in standards.

You notice a decline in an employee’s motivation to produce acceptable work or stop going that extra mile for their team.

Again, they might be mentally checking out.

But bottom line. If you notice any of these signs… 

Be a good person and double check they’re okay.


  1. The lone wolf.
  2. The MIA employee.
  3. There’s been a change of attitude.
  4. They’ve lost interest.
  5. No longer interested in engaging with the team.
  6. Lack of interest in professional growth.
  7. They’ve lowered their standards.
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