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Bryan Urfano

Web Developer

Bryan Urfano

Web Developer

09 410 7235

Bryan’s life motto is ABC – Always Be Curious.  Which we are pretty impressed with, as ABC is a crucial skill for a recruiter and Bryan is our web designer!  Bryan has a great mix of web design and development, which just goes to show that you can have both (perhaps if you have ABC).  In the past, he has worked with some cool clients and on some pretty epic projects, so we are looking forward to him bringing his web mastery to Consult.

Bryan doesn’t know it yet, but he is the latest member of the Consult band.  He is a drummer and a percussionist, and we have a spot for a drummer – and it’s now Bryan!  Over the years, he honed his technique by hitting pots and pans with pencils and pens (but stopped when his parents arrived home).

He’s also into arts and crafts, he frequently joins art and drawing groups – which is good because we are looking forward to his art work to put on the Consult walls! He’s also an avid console gamer as well. He loves FPS (First Person Shooters) titles and some 3rd-person as well – this frankly means nothing to me, but I’m sure he will fit in with the PlayStation crew here just fine…

To top it all off Bryan is into fitness too. He loves lifting weights, taking a jog and cycling during the weekends (when he isn’t smashing drums, winning at games and drawing masterpieces).  Just as well he is a nice dude and super great at web development because with all those out of the box interests – we are quietly a little jealous of Bryan!

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