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Your Number One Guide to Wellness Resources

The last 18 months have been pretty tough for us all.  In times of uncertainty, focusing on the things that we can control and help us physically, mentally and socially are really important.

So the Consult and Halo Crews got together to come up with a list of resources for you that might just help.  Hopefully, it is the start of something bigger – so please let us know if we have missed off anything that you think should be shouted out!


One of our people was sent this video a few years ago and it made a difference to how she approached things.  It is a great place to start on your journey to thrive.  Thanks to the Conscious Leadership Group for the video!


Never before has there been as much focus on mental health. Invest your time and attention on supporting yourself, your whānau and your workmates – especially right now.

  • Mental Health Foundation – these guys have some excellent resources, and if you are a leader or manager, they have some great stuff to consider for wellbeing at work.  
  • Mentemia – run by Sir John Kirwan, this app is free for all kiwis and is focused on bite-sized ways of supporting your wellbeing.  Well worth a visit!
  • Headspace – probably one of the best-known meditation apps, if you are new to meditation – this could be one for you!
  • Calm – for meditation, relaxation and sleep – Calm comes highly recommended
  • Muse – if you are seeking brain feedback and mediation training – you can’t go past Muse!
  • EAP – Many organisations have invested in Employee Assistance Programmes which can provide some wellness support including counselling in times of need.  We use and love Benestar – but check with your HR to see if there is something in place for you.
  • Some other apps recommended:  ‘Keep It Cleaner’, Yoga – Down Dog, and Aaptiv
  • Also highly recommended: a 10 minute lie down on a Shakti Mat


It is clear that our health depends on the quality of the food that we nourish ourselves with.  Food can be hard when you are stressed and busy, so take the worry out of it by getting others to do the heavy lifting!  


It has been a good time to think about how you are living and reflect on what really matters to you. Setting some new goals and working on some habitual change is a brilliant way to take what has been a tough time and turn it into something positive.

There are numerous people who can help with this, but here are a couple of high recommendations:

  • Jay Shetty (“apparently this is what the cool kids are doing” said one of our people).  Jay has just launched a new book (Think Like A Monk) and also has courses and a podcast too.
  • James Clear is best known for his Atomic Habits book, but he also has some brilliant articles and a weekly email you can subscribe to. 
  • Others:  Brendan Burchard, and of course Tony Robbins are also great places to start the journey!


  • For free e-books and audiobooks, you can’t go past Auckland Councils Libby app – honestly, this is a game-changer for on the bus or train!
  • Walking in our beautiful country is a great way to look after your health – physically and mentally.  With us coming into some good weather (and now daylight savings – squeal!!); this is the right time to check out FreeWalks!
  • Getting out in the garden is proven to be excellent for your health (and it is brilliant to be able to grow your own veggies and flowers!).  Our favourite place for getting your gardening supplies (and awesome advice on what to plant where!) is Kings Plant Barn.


  • EnableMe: For getting your finances sorted, a plan in place and some people to hold you accountable, you can’t go past EnableMe.  They’ve got some beautiful stories of lives changed through the power of a good financial plan.
  • Sorted:  They’ve had a website overhaul, and Sorted is a treasure trove of all good things finance and budgeting.  Time investment here will pay dividends in the future!
  • Often overlooked but still very useful – the Citizens Advice Bureau is a treasure trove of support and answers for budgeting, but also for live stuff!

We know we’ve left a bunch of great resources off, but we would like to create an excellent list for you to come back to, so please let us know other resources that have helped you so we can make this even better!

In the coming weeks, we will curate a list of podcasts and books that you’d highly recommend (great for on the public transport!).

Best wishes,

The Consult Team

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Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

Executive Director

A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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