Have you had a time in your career when you didn’t learn your lesson until it’s too late? Yep, us too.

Here’s part two of the wisdom cheat sheet with 8 more career lessons that you’ll benefit from learning before it’s too late!

Say no to the computer

The best memories you’ll have are from doing. If you think about your best experiences, few of them will be on your computer or smartphone. Put the phone or tablet down and enjoy the world as it is.

Education isn’t just for kids

With multi-careers and job automation lurking in the background, you should always be learning. This includes professional education and staying up to date with relevant trends and progress.

Not everyone will support you

And that’s okay - you don’t need everyone to be on your side. The key is to not let that get you down.


Social media is no longer a place for unwinding and socialising. It can be a great place to build your professional reputation too. And that’s not just LinkedIn either...

Don’t worry

Like Bob Marley’s song, everything will be alright. Usually, the things that people worry about the most tend to be forgotten soon after. This is stress you don’t need.

Health is king

What’s the point climbing to the peak of Mt. Career if the stress is slowly killing you from within? Nothing will matter more than living a long, healthy life. Success in work can enable better health up to a point, but it also can be a massive detriment too.

Surround yourself with the right people

You’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with most. So surround yourself with people who you want to be like or you aspire to.

The deep conversation

What is your purpose in life anyway? Is it to make as much money as possible? Or to eat and reproduce? Whatever you decide your mission in life is, chances are it's not to get that board report done or to analyse the ROI of that project. Put these into perspective.

How many of these do you swear by? Have these made more and more sense as you gain experience? Let us know in the comments.

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