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Why use a recruitment agency?

Hiring people can feel like pulling teeth.

It’s painful, time-consuming, and you’re never quite sure when it will be over.

We often hear of company’s having failed attempts at doing their own hiring & then eventually deciding to try a recruitment agency.

You don’t have to go through this pain. What we’re here to tell you is there’s an easy solution.

A good recruitment agency can help make your hiring process more efficient, less stressful & ultimately, find you the right person for the job and your team.

Sound good? Perfect!

So, here are the reasons why good recruitment agencies can help you right now:

Frees you up to do your actual job  

The hiring process takes up a lot of your time.

If you are recruiting yourself, consider it your full-time job for a couple of weeks.

By working with a recruitment agency, you’ll only invest your time in the part of the process that matters, leaving you free to do your actual job.

Saves you time and your sanity!

You place a job ad & get a swarm of applications. Or you get none.

Maybe after letting your job ad languish for 3 weeks on a job board, you haven’t found anyone, and you’re back to square one. 

By partnering with an agency, they can proactively source candidates right from the start, saving you time & energy in the hiring process.

Access that hard to find talent

Often the person you want to hire is still in a job and unlikely to be applying for roles on job boards.

So, unless you also have the time to proactively recruit (and the ability to do so) – you should get a good recruiter to do the heavy lifting for you.

Speed to hire

Recruitment agencies (the decent ones) have good databases and established relationships with the talent you want to hire.

This means they can move quickly in finding the right hire for you.

Preserve your reputation

When a candidate has a bad recruitment experience – they remember.

The impact of poor candidate experience extends far beyond the disappointment of a rejected job offer — it has serious implications for your employer brand & your business’s reputation.

A good recruitment agency looks after your brand image & the candidates applying – a win-win.

Reduced risk of a ‘dud hire’

No one wants to be responsible for a bad hire – by using an agency, your risk factor decreases dramatically.

Using their vast networks and relationships, there are not many people they haven’t heard of or know the background of, so are much more likely to ensure your new hire is a success.

Get actual market advice

Your agency knows the market and what candidates are looking for (expected salaries/contract rates, important factors for candidates seeking new jobs etc.).

A good agency can paint a realistic picture of how hard your dream candidate will be to find & what it will require to get them.

Make hiring someone else’s problem – and stop pulling teeth.

If you’re looking for talent, get in touch with the team. We’re here to help.

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