When I was returning to Auckland after living in London, I was re-entering a job market that I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to slot into a permanent role which offered career progression, and above all, certainty and the longevity that I could get my teeth stuck into.

I was lucky enough to be offered a maternity cover role before I left the UK. I had a few permanent roles I was pursuing, but I chose the temporary role because it offered a balance of job security before arriving back and career growth.

Temporary roles are full to the brim with many great benefits. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider a temporary role when entering the Auckland job market:

  • You can ‘test drive’ the role and then move onto a new role.

You may want to scope out a company, industry or focus on upskilling in a particular area. Tactically choosing a temp role gives you a good insight without committing to a permanent position. For me, I wanted to upskill in digital marketing before going back into general marketing. A contract was great for that.

  • It gives you a chance to customise back to New Zealand.

When you move back, it will hit you that things are different in New Zealand. Often these are subtle, such as hearing the Kiwi accent everywhere, or a more relaxed way of doing business. Getting used to this in a temporary role will equip you with the skills for a great permanent role afterward.

  • If you want to move back, you can.

Whilst many of us who move abroad (with the exception of Australia) move back to New Zealand eventually, some may then leave New Zealand for a second time. Perhaps what attracted them to move back to New Zealand wasn’t quite how they remembered it. Or their fresh lens on the world makes them see Kiwi life in a different way. Either way, starting off in New Zealand on a contract gives you an easier way out if you decide to move back overseas.

  • It’s not hard to get a new role once your contract expires.

The economy is good and chances are you’re good. You now have both overseas experience and recent local work history - which employers love. You have a straightforward reason for leaving to put on your CV. And you can be open about leaving with your colleagues in your temporary role. You can more easily have interviews and talk to future employers.

  • You can still get really stuck in and form relationships.

Before entering a contract it's tempting to think that you won’t be able to make your mark and forge relationships - but I didn’t find this to be the case at all. You are able to immerse yourself in the role as if it were permanent and create relationships that last well beyond the contract.

  • Some organisations are wary if you haven’t worked in NZ and will give you a worse job.

This can be really frustrating but it is the reality in some situations. Getting some local, recent experience can unlock opportunities that were previously hard to obtain.

  • It’s a good opportunity to reposition soon after.

Chances are you’ll be rushed into finding a house, car, and providers such as utilities. Things will have changed since you were overseas, such as where your favourite gym is or where your friends and family live. All of these considerations can be overwhelming when you first arrive, but having a contract role gives you time to readjust and it’s an opportunity for another mini-move at the end of the contract. For example, I first moved to a place in East Auckland because I was familiar with the area, but after 6 months decided the North Shore was a better location to live, so I was able to move and find a permanent role there which would have been harder if I was in a permanent role from the start.


A word of caution: you may be subject to a few caveats and may miss out on employee benefits that are just for permanent employees.

Don’t be put off by temporary roles. If you can stomach the added uncertainty, they can offer more benefits than taking a permanent offer.


Want to know what temp roles we have on offer right now? Get in touch with any of the team at Consult or check out our latest jobs here. 

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