Eager to know exactly why recruiters are friend not foes? Well, keep reading!

I often hear that people have no particular reason to use agencies, or sometimes don’t even know why they would benefit from using one - crazy, huh?!

Lately, I've been telling my friends who are new to the job market that it’s an absolute must to register with at least one recruitment agency.

Here are 5 reasons why signing up with at least one specialist agency is future proofing your finance career:

  • Career advice

Let's face it - sometimes we don't even know ourselves what our next step should be and what direction we should be heading in career-wise. That’s when we can call in the expert advice from our friend Mr or Mrs Recruiter!

When dealing with specialist agencies, they can help give great career advice! How? Because they have helped a lot of other awesome accounting and finance people progress their careers and get the opportunities they deserve (or maybe the ones they needed to push their career in the right direction).

A recruiter can also honestly tell you if you’re wasting time by applying for a role that isn't right for you. We like to say here at Consult that what we do is really like matchmaking - finding the perfect job for you!

  • Job search advice

When it comes to job searching, most of us only have to look for a new job every few years (and even less frequently for others). What this means is that job searching is something most of us are actually quite inexperienced with. That’s where Mr or Mrs Recruiter comes in handy.  

Your recruiter knows your market and they understand how to search for the perfect job for you - because that's what they are doing every day!

They can give you in-depth knowledge about how the recruitment processes work for different companies as well as advice around what you need to be doing in your current role to prepare yourself and your skillset for that next step in your career.

  • Access to hidden gem roles

Internal Recruitment teams in businesses get excessive numbers of applications for roles these days - a lot of them from candidates who are nowhere near qualified to do the role at hand too. Because of this, a lot of businesses now choose to not advertise themselves and instead they let agencies do the work for them.

Often agencies (especially the specialist ones like Consult) will have long-standing and close relationships with businesses - so much so, that businesses will only approach their agency of choice to work on a role. That means agencies have access to roles that will never even see the light of a job board! Who doesn’t love a good hidden gem?!

And YOU will have the upper hand on that hidden gem role if you’re registered with a specialist agency! 

  • Inside knowledge

Often your recruiter will be able to give you a more accurate representation of what it’s like to work for a company than the actual hiring manager can.

Why? Because your recruiter can give you an unbiased opinion based on what other employees have said, as well as word from within their networks about that particular business.

Not all job ads are as they seem...

A business could be portrayed as something it’s really not through the way a job ad is written. The only way you will really know what the company is like to work for is by getting the inside knowledge from your recruiter. It’s good to have friends in the right places, isn’t it?

  • Process

When it comes to applying directly to a company for a role, let’s put it frankly - the process can be a little frustrating sometimes. You wonder if they got your application, you think about when the first and second interviews will be (in a week, in a month - who knows?!), you wait for feedback, offers seem to take forever… the list goes on.

Your recruiter can take care of this whole process for you! They can prepare you for interviews, make sure you don’t have to have the awkward salary conversation, AND - they’ll make sure you get paid what you’re worth.

An agency is like using a one-stop shop for your new job! How awesome is that?!


Above all else, registering with Consult as a candidate is free! That’s right - you can get ALL of this, and much much more, and there is no charge for it. Score! We’re here to help you find the career of your dreams and to make that process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.


Ready to future-proof your career and keen to be friends with Consult? We’d love that! Register with us today to start preparing for the next step in your accounting, finance or banking career. 

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