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Why Now Might Be a Great Time to Move Jobs

The job market is pretty crazy right now. There’s been a huge influx of candidates and a number of (rather impressive) brains coming back from offshore – so it would make sense to expect that if you’re in a good role right now you’d be clinging on like a barnacle to a dirty boat hull*

Except that isn’t the full picture.  

Because right now around you – there are exceptional jobs that might just be your next brilliant career move.

Here are some examples:


Marketing has stepped up, and gone earlier and harder than most. (Sorry, I had to!).

Why, you ask?  Well, because never before, organisations are having to rapidly pivot their traditional marketing techniques and re-engage in a whole new direction.  

In a recent Consult survey of Marketing Leaders, 72% have had to reallocate marketing spend towards digital marketing.  This will create talent gaps which require organisations to hire people with different skill bases than those they had in January 2020. 

If you’re a broad-based marketer with good digital skills – chances are, there are a number of good roles for you to be considering right now.  Throughout lockdowns – demand from organisations for exceptional marketing talent has not decreased – at all.

Accounting & Finance

Many would say accounting & finance specialists are amongst the Covid essential workers!  Teams had a huge workload throughout the lockdowns – recutting budgets, forecasts, pivoting, having to cost up new products and also cutting whatever costs they could get their hands on (oh and don’t mention wage subsidy to them – that was a bunch of work for many!).

Covid has sped up the trends we’ve seen over the past few years – there is much more emphasis on data analysis, trend analysis and businesses are needing fast-paced financial impact reporting to allow them to move ahead with confidence.

If you love data, enjoy the accounting focus, have great communication skills and are commercially minded – you are in huge demand right now.  In fact, we have made some exceptional placements in the past couple of months – this space is HOT.


As the rest of us were scrambling to work out zoom and how to mute the kids (and husband!); all those in technology were sitting back in their reflected IT glory.  If there was ever a prom queen of job functions right now – it’s the IT industry – they’ve pretty much ensured that no one ever takes them for granted again.   

It’s been actually a brilliant time in the tech space – while it has been incredibly busy – many organisations have some pretty neat plans around their tech moving forward which means its an even better time to join this (already incredibly buoyant) industry.

Let’s not forget that while Covid has sucker-punched many businesses – some have absolutely thrived and many are reimagining a new future.  This creates opportunities and needs for exceptional brains.

So if you are sick of the “barnacle cling” and interested in hearing about some new shiny boats – get in touch so we can talk through some new rides.

*I’m no boater, but I am assuming here that barnacles quite like dirty boats.

About the author

Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

Executive Director

A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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