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When Losing Great People Is A Good Thing

It’s a bittersweet thing.

You’ve worked with somebody for years. You’ve seen their wee babies grow up and become big school kids. You’ve been there when they are going through tough life stuff. They are great at their job and completely understand your company.

They’ve been there through good times, and bad. The horrible hires, the bad months that bring with it the gut-wrenching self-doubt that often accompanies being an owner in a growth business like Consult.

So when a resignation lands on your desk so to speak it can be pretty confronting. But it can also be a great time to reflect.

This is how I felt when our Digital Marketing Manager, Ellen resigned a few weeks ago. Ellen and I have worked together for years, previously in corporate recruitment. I hired her as a fresh returner from her OE and later on she joined us at Consult in 2010. This was back when we were a little crappy office with second-hand furniture but giant dreams. 

Even though she started out as a recruiter (and a good one at that) her aspirations over the years shifted to marketing. So we made it happen. And she became a great marketer. We came up with a plan around our brand and our blog and she has worked tirelessly to implement it. She has done an absolutely great job and I am grateful for having walked this road with her.

However, some roads need to come to an end sooner or later. Ellen, the recruiter turned self-taught marketer, is off the learn her new trade from experts in her new field. At this point, I almost feel like bursting out and singing ‘The Circle of Life’ (aka The Lion King). This is the way it should be. Sometimes our path takes a different direction and that’s OK.

It’s a glum day when you lose someone brilliant but it’s very inspiring to see them find their career passion. It’s even better to see them pursue it. 

Go well Inski – I’ll miss you heaps. 

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Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

Executive Director

A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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