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Let us all over-communicate!

There is no doubt that we are in unprecedented times right now.  It seems strange right now to reflect on ‘normal life’ 6 weeks ago and it seems much has changed.

But we will get through.  We will persevere, and we will have so many learnings from this, that we will actually become a better business environment, a better community environment and more resilient people.

But for right now – what people are craving is some certainty.  As a leader, a parent, a friend or a colleague you can contribute to certainty by making sure that you are communicating effectively.


  • Make sure you are having regular updates with your team – don’t keep them in the dark and try to weather the storm without them knowing.  It is much better to explain where things are at so they can understand and make their own plans. Let your people know what you are trying to do right now – bring them into the circle.
  • Regularity of communication with your team is key.  I’d personally like to see our government have daily (twice daily) updates that we can all rely on for the real information (rather than unreliable social media hype).  In times of uncertainty – people will crave consistency of information at regular times.


  • I am no expert here, but I have heard two things:  don’t tell your kids anything and don’t let them read the news; and tell your kids everything so you can explain it from your point of view.  So who knows!?
  • I do know however, that your children will be looking to you for your reaction right now, so keep your chin up and try to keep things upbeat for them.  It’s okay to be sad or nervous or anxious – but explaining it and letting them know that you trust in us all getting through is important. They will be taking direction from you.


  • It’s funny that you can work with people for a long time, but it is times like these that really brings people together.  Think of your workmates right now – especially those who might not have family support in NZ – make sure you are checking in with them.  Crazy times sometimes bring out the best in people and in our team – we are seeing people rise to their leadership capability right now – so it can also be an opportunity for people to step up through a crisis.  But check in on each other!


  • Don’t forget that at the end of the day – we are all in this together.  Check in, be kind, share toilet paper and sanitiser with those who might not have any.  Through us all banding together and creating our collective force, we will get through. Mental health is vital right now – so check in on your mates!

To all of our Consult community of candidates and clients – we are totally here for you!  We are upping our communication so we can check in on you all and make sure you are ok. We have good news stories to share and there is still employment activity happening.  If you are worried/concerned or need to reach out, please drop me a line at with your number and I’ll be in touch.

Kia kaha.

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Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

Executive Director

A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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