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Indicator Women in Sales Scholarships

We’re proud to be offering scholarships to the Indicator Sales Academy for 2 outstanding female salespeople.

The Indicator Sales Academy is New Zealand’s leading sales professional training programme. To help increase the number of women in sales roles in New Zealand we’re proud to be offering two fully paid scholarships for women.

The goal of the Sales Academy is to help B2B salespeople to advance their sales skills, focus their activity and improve their sales performance.

Participants in the course can expect:

• Increased confidence in sales situations
• Advanced understanding of your buyers and their decision-making process
• Build closer rapport and understanding of prospects and clients
• Increased motivation and passion for your role
• Broader cross-industry knowledge and understanding
• Build a wider network of sales professionals with similar issues and challenges
• Increased sales performance

Nominations for the scholarships close Sunday 15 May 2022. So if you or someone you know would like to put yourself forward, don’t delay.

Full details of the Indicator Sales Academy can be found here.

Make your nomination now.

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Scam Alert: Beware of scammers on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp posing as Consult Recruitment employees. If you're contacted on these platforms about job opportunities, please don’t reply and inform us here.