If you’ve been in your current role for a while and you really feel like you're ready to take the next logical step in your career, you will first need to convince your boss that you're prepared to take on more work and greater responsibility.

We’ve got five easy tips to help you climb the ladder:

Dress for the job you want, not the job you’re in

The way you dress will not guarantee a promotion, but dressing inappropriately may sabotage your success. If your current role allows business casual, but the next level up is more formal – suit up!

Show up on time and be ready to go

There will always be dramas in the mornings that sometimes prevent you getting to work on time – thanks, public transport – but it’s important to be punctual and prepared. If you can, try to get into the habit of arriving at work a few minutes early each day so that you’re settled in before you’re due to start your work day. Not only will you feel more on top of things, it also sends the message that you’re organised, committed and responsible – which are promotion-worthy traits.

Be positive about your progress

Negative Nellies run the risk of putting people off with their downer attitudes. If you’re positive, you’re showing that you can see solutions, not problems, and you’re more likely to be someone your team enjoys working with. Positive people also take feedback well – they ask open-ended questions so that they can learn more for next time and show that they want to continue to grow. So take responsibility for your mistakes and always work towards improving yourself.

Excel in your current job 

It sounds obvious, but your manager is not likely to promote you if you’re not fulfilling the role you are already in. Demonstrate your skills as you deliver results that matter to your boss. Learn all you can about it and do your very best – then you’ve got a legitimate case to make about having hit the ceiling and needing a new challenge in the form of a promotion or even a pay rise.

Communicate your ambition

Your boss isn’t a mind-reader – if you don’t tell them you’re interested in moving up the ladder, they may not realise you’re ready or interested. When you speak to them, remember to articulate why you feel you’re ready. Hopefully, they will already know how well you do your job, but be sure to mention any stand-out achievements and extra work you have taken on successfully. Let them in on your career plan – if in three years you’d like to be considered for a certain senior position, ask them what you can do now to work towards that. Have confidence in your own abilities and you’ll inspire that confidence in those who have the power to promote you.

When it comes to promotion, your work will do a lot of the talking for you – but shining a light on your positive qualities and big achievements may help to speed up the process.


Tips to help you secure a promotion:

  • Dress the part - if you look the part you're more likely to get noticed
  • Be prepared - if you're called on to perform, make sure you are ready to go at a moment's notice
  • Be solution focussed - if you have a positive 'can do' attitide, others will want to work with you
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