It’s no secret that companies are expecting their workers to achieve more, with less help, over a shorter time frame. Instead of falling on the floor bemoaning the unfairness of it all, why not start thinking about what you can do to protect your job and help your company?

Improve your productivity with these 10 tips:

Be organised: 

clean and tidy work space helps you focus. Make sure you also have all the tools you need to complete your job at your fingertips, so you won’t waste time looking for them later.

Plan your day for productivity: 

Write down the tasks you need to achieve each day and give yourself realistic time frames to complete them. Delegate what you can so you won’t set yourself up for failure with an unmanageable list. Make sure you also prioritise important jobs (even if they’re weeks away), by cutting them down into bite-sized manageable pieces. Schedule high-stress or demanding jobs for the beginning of the day – when you have the most energy – and group similar tasks together so they’re easier to handle.

Change your perspective:

Stop sabotaging yourself by making excuses about why things didn’t happen, and instead focus on how you can make them happen. Often just adopting a more positive outlook will work wonders.

Write down your thoughts: 

Is your mind constantly overflowing with ideas? Write them down – the good and the bad. Not only will they stop distracting you, but you’ll also be able to join the dots later when you have more time.

Focus on one task at a time: 

Multi-tasking might sound impressive, but you’re actually more likely to miss or forget things when your attention is divided.

Get rid of your distractions: 

Screen your calls. Stop surfing the net for fun and responding to non-work related texts. Lost minutes here and there quickly add up to wasted hours. Only attend meetings you really have to, and then try to keep them short and sweet with a clear agenda.

Take regular breaks to be more productive: 

Taking a breather – especially when you feel your mind starting to fatigue – actually, makes you more productive. The longer you stay chained to your desk the more zombified you become and the slower you are at completing tasks. Exercise also helps your brain recharge.

Ditch the drama: 

Do you have conflict with a colleague? Do everything you can to sort it out ASAP. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help with a mediator if you have to because your productivity will suffer every minute it drags on.

The restorative powers of sleep: 

You WILL work slower if you aren’t fully rested. This is not in doubt.

Set goals and rewards: 

Kids aren’t the only ones who thrive on a gold star system. As an added incentive it’s also good to think about what you have to lose if you don’t get your work done.

Productivity tips for the workplace:

  • A tidy and organised workspace will make it easier to concentrate
  • Changing your perspective will work wonders
  • Multi-tasking causes mistakes
  • Keep meetings short and sweet with a clear agenda
  • Rewards systems don’t just work for kids


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