Successful Accountants are upskilling themselves today for skills they need in tomorrow’s world.

Every industry is exposed to the fast-paced digital era of today. The estimates vary but according to this one, up to 47% of all jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation (eek!).

What is certain is that accounting and finance roles are going to be substantially impacted by the AI revolution, and therefore to remain relevant to employers demands, Accountants have to develop their skill base further than has ever been required.

Already, we have seen changes in skill requirements from employers of exceptional accounting & finance talent. Already, the demand for the future fit Accountant is exceeding supply.

Three skills you need to become an attractive (employable) future fit Accountant:

 1. Embrace technology

There are some awesome new technologies that are improving information flow beyond which a human can do.  A future fit Accountant is someone who is excited by new technology and understands the opportunity to provide more value-added insights to the business.

Accountants who can work with big data and add value by embracing new technology are going to be sought after by employers.  

2. Become exceptional at communicating information 

There is a vastly increased demand from businesses of all sizes for information that is timely, accurate and assists the business to make decisions.  This means that a future fit Accountant is one who can deliver accurate reports in a speedy manner but is also able to convey the commercial impact of those reports.

Ensure your future by keeping up to date with reporting demands and always consider the commercial impact of information on the business. Your ability to communicate in various forms will only become more important and we become more diverse.

3. Personal brand and soft skills

The human element is not being replaced by AI. In fact, the human element is becoming more important as a result of AI so make sure that your soft skills get the focus they deserve.

The Accountant of the future is an advisor. Someone who can analyse and interpret data and can explain the impacts on the business. It requires soft skills that haven’t traditionally been in demand for Accountants.

It’s not just a passing trend, the future of nearly all professional services will rely on your ability to engage, interact and advise your stakeholders.

In an environment where there is demand for your soft skills - it is also important that you are beginning to develop your own personal brand. In a talent short market, jobs will come to you if you are a future fit Accountant.


Don’t be caught out and become what employers used to want to hire.  Focus on continually evolving and curating your skills and ensuring that you are moving with demand and you will never struggle to find a good job.  The demand for the future fit Accountant is already here.


A great way to gather experience is from working in different companies.  If you’re looking for your next challenge, check out our latest jobs today. 

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