One of the reasons Angela and Steve set up Consult was because they wanted the freedom to be able to walk away from crappy jobs.

There are plenty of them out there, and (with the benefit of years of experience), we know how to spot them a mile away. But as a job seeker, if you haven’t been to an interview in a while, it can be tempting to ignore those little signs that say ‘DANGER: Poor life decision ahead’.

So today, I'm letting you in on the top five warning signs the job you’re applying for sucks. The presence of any one of them should see you heading for the hills, or at the very least proceeding with extreme caution. 

1. The job is listed with many agencies and/or it’s been advertised forever

This can be picked up by a bit of simple online sleuthing, and it’s often a big cause for concern. Best case scenario: The company is extremely choosy about who they hire (not a bad thing), and they’re just having a hard time finding the right person. More likely scenarios: They don’t know what they want and are prone to changing their mind at the eleventh hour; or there are internal politics at play; or they have a reputation as a bad employer and everyone knows about it but you.

2. They don’t treat you with respect during the hiring process

Showing up late to your interview with no apology, leaving you hanging with no feedback after your interview, making unreasonable demands (such as a reference check with your current boss early in the hiring process) - all these behaviours are excellent indicators of what the company would be like to work for.

3. They give you mixed messages

Mike thinks your main focus is going to be helping his team out with month end accounts, while Michelle thinks you’re being hired to lead the payroll team. If everyone you meet from the company has different ideas about what you’re going to be doing, you won’t end up doing a good job by anyone. Don’t set yourself up for failure. 

4. Not introducing you to other employees or showing you around the office

This is a big, fat, flashing neon warning sign. Insist on meeting the rest of the team and seeing where you’ll be working before you sign on the dotted; unless sharing a cosy cubicle-made-for-one with an overly friendly mouth-breather is your idea of a fun way to spend 40 hours a week.

5. Your potential boss clearly hates their job

We all have days when we’re not totally in love with our job, but if your interviewer can’t muster up at least a little enthusiasm during an interview with a potential new team member, then you should get outta there. Quickly.


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