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Avoiding a bad hire

89% of early departures are due to culture mismatch. This means people are really good at assessing technical ability but not necessarily culture fit.

In the hiring process, assessing cultural fit plays a vital role in building a successful team and creating/adding to a positive work environment.

It impacts team dynamics, employee engagement, and overall organisational success.

But what does culture fit even mean?

It’s about ensuring a candidate’s values, beliefs, and behaviours align with those of the organisation and, most importantly, your team.

So, here are some tips to help you assess culture fit in your next hire.

#1: Do you even understand your own culture?

If you’re trying to find someone to fit in, you better know what you’re fitting them into.

Identify the key cultural traits and behaviours that align with the organisation’s values & consider existing team dynamics. What are the personalities that thrive within your organisation?

#2: Make your culture known during the hiring process

Highlight the company’s culture and values in your job ads.

Explain what types of people excel within the business and use questions that assess whether a candidate will align to those traits and behaviours.

#3: Watch and learn during the interview

Pay attention to a candidate’s non-verbal cues, demeanour, and communication style.

Enthusiasm and engagement when discussing the company’s values will be a sure sign of how they’ll fit in.

#4: Share the responsibility

Involve other team members in the hiring process to check your feeling.

Gather feedback on what cultural fit looks like from those who will work closely with them.

Consider organising a team member to sit in on the interview so they can ask questions. They have the best view of the team culture from within, so they can identify if they’ll fit the team dynamic.

#5: Check for skeletons

Explore the candidate’s previous work experiences and compatibility with the organisation’s culture.

#6: Trust your gut

If you’re in two minds, trust your gut. We often underestimate how accurate our intuition can be.

Assessing cultural fit is crucial for creating a cohesive and productive work environment.

By understanding the organisation’s culture, incorporating it into job descriptions and interviews, observing candidate behaviour, seeking input from the team, and evaluating past experiences, you can make informed decisions that align with the company’s and, ultimately, your team’s values.

Cultural fit goes far beyond technical skills and can contribute to long-term success and employee satisfaction. So, it’s kind of important to assess it correctly.

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