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A Sure-Fire Way To Get You Started

I was all ready for action. But would I do it? Then there was a knock on my hotel door. When I opened it, I knew I could not resist. My heart sank. Here’s why.

I’m nine months into my new career, building a portfolio of activities I love doing. It has not been easy. I have felt real pressure. My health has suffered. Comfort eating, too quick to turn to a glass of red, and very little exercise. Totally my own fault. Here’s the thing. I have been shocked at how hard it has been to get back on track. Until my mate Dave gave me this insight:


My experience is this. The older you get, the harder it is to ‘get started again.’

For me anyway. I just cannot ‘get started’ or ‘get back on the right path’ as fast as I used to. It’s bewildering. I don’t get it. Here’s a story that shames me, but makes me smile at the fine example of weakness I have become. Have a read. There’s a powerful lesson in it.

I was in Auckland two weeks ago, with two hours spare before I was to give the closing keynote speech at a major conference. It was the perfect opportunity to go for a run. I needed it. Badly. I’d flown overnight directly from Bangkok, where two big days facilitating a company’s global leadership offsite surrounded by Pad Thai had done nothing for my waistline. My gym clothes had stayed packed.

Now I had the window to ‘get started’ again. I only needed one session to get the motivation pumping. I just had to get out the door. So, there I was, all kitted out in lycra, heart monitor on, Fitbit wristed, music ready to roll. As I prepared to exit for the Viaduct’s fresh air and adrenalin, there was a quiet knock at the door.

“Compliments of the management,” said the young man, handing me – wait for it, wait for it – and I tell you this with my hand on my heart …a cheese platter and half bottle of red wine.

What did I do next? Exactly what I did not want to. I closed the door, undid the wrappings, and 20 minutes later, had polished off the cheese, and the wine. Then I changed back in to my suit, had a coffee, gave my speech, ate ribs, drank beer, smoked a cigar, went to bed (after eating the chocolate on the pillow). Two weeks later, I still have not got started.

What the hell?

I told you there was a powerful message in this. Well, I lied. There’s no message – except a truth, and a plea for help.

The truth: I am weak and somehow lack the desire or resolve to sort myself out. But I have not given up!

The plea: Share with me please- how do you motivate yourself to ‘get started’ when you are failing, and letting yourself down? How have you trained yourselves to be brilliant at ‘starting again.’ Share- please. It can only do good. 

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Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

Executive Director

A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

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