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6 questions to regularly ask your employees

To make sure they stick around.

During a turbulent job market, the last thing you need is talent leaving.

A great way to slow or stop the leak is a “stay interview”. 

Frame it as a developmental chat, so your top people can see a path forward.  

Ask these 6 questions:

#1 What do you love about coming to work? 

This enables you to zero in on their strengths and identify where they get the most joy.

Then you need to create opportunities for them to do more of it.

Do more of what they enjoy = Enjoy work more.

#2 What would you change here if you had [a million dollars]?

Your team will have great ideas.

Sometimes, they feel they’re too big or too unrealistic to share. 

Give them a chance for blue-sky thinking.

#3 How fulfilled are you on a scale of 1-10?

Unless it’s a 10, dig deeper to find out why they don’t find their role fulfilling. There’s always more below the surface.

For example, gauge if tasks remain challenging and engaging enough. 

Boredom kills motivation.

#4 What barriers could we remove for you?

It’s important to show them you don’t think everything’s all rainbows and sunshine.

Identifying and mitigating barriers or roadblocks greatly impacts employee happiness at work. No one likes roadblocks.

#5 How can we support your professional growth?

Whatever the answer, showing your support for their skills development is crucial.

If they don’t feel they can grow in your company, they’ll likely find somewhere else they do.

#6 Do you feel valued and recognized?

Straight talking – it needs to be done.

Because if you don’t ask, you won’t know.

If their answer is “no”, find out why and what can be done to change it.

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