When you haven’t yet had your first real job, filling in your LinkedIn profile can seem a little tricky.

While you may have a lack of professional experience, you can represent your knowledge and experience through your student work. Here’s how:

1. Volunteer experience and causes

List any volunteering, internships or work experience you’ve done. These are a great way to demonstrate your initiative and a good work ethic.

2. Projects

There is a section on your LinkedIn profile dedicated to projects, so list a couple of projects you’ve been involved with that show off your strengths and skills. Be creative in the way you present these projects, you can upload files so consider if visual aids like graphs would help.

3. Recommendations

Ask students, teachers, and lecturers that you’ve worked with to write a recommendation for you that can be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations are a great way to validate your skills and experience.

4. Education

Until you have a professional working history, your education history is very important to include on your profile. Show your knowledge by listing the names of the units you’ve studies and a summary of areas of interest.

5. Be creative in how you can share your experience and knowledge on your profile.

Remember that you worked really hard to gain your qualifications; it’s something to be proud of on your LinkedIn profile.


How easy was that?! Now that you've got your LinkedIn sorted, it's time to start the year of the epic job search. Get in touch with the team at Consult for more job search tips and tricks; and to see what accounting, finance, and banking jobs we might have that are right for you.

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