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What the 4 Day Work Week Will Teach You About Time.

Consult is in the 3rd month of our 4 Day Work Week (4DWW) trial. We’re sharing what we learn along the way.

It’s been an incredibly positive transition (having had 3 months of exceptional results certainly helps!). There have been a huge number of learnings from the experience that we’ll share with you over the next couple of months.

1 – The Value of Time

This sounds a bit waffly and trite, but when you compress your work outputs into one less day per week, a tension emerges.  This tension is the value of your time and how you spend it.

All of a sudden: 

  • You identify meetings that are less important or can be done more efficiently
  • You prioritise your calendar to allow time to focus on the important things
  • Your time-wasting tasks & behaviours fall by the wayside
  • You focus on ensuring all your time is impactful and effective

As a result of this time tension we’ve all had moments where we have been under pressure to get things done, so we’ve had to push back on ourselves and what are habitual time depleters.  

What we do know is our people are more focused on achieving their candidates and clients goals, on working together to make work more awesome.

It’s a learning process for us all.  It is a new way of working, but I’ve been super impressed with how the team is pulling together so that we can become more balanced not just in our work lives but also in our lives outside of work.

Next up in our 4DWW Series – What do people do when they have 3-day weekends?

About the author

Angela Cameron - CA, CPA

Executive Director

A chartered accountant by qualification, she is a recruitment leader by nature.

  • Richard Lambert

    August 21, 2021 at 4:37 am

    Hi Angela,

    Wise words and the more businesses that seriously consider and implement a 4 day working week, the better for its management, staff and customers – everyone wins through being more rested, learning to prioritise tasks better whilst eliminating some unnecessary meeting.
    You are a shining example to Consult and other Recruiters/organisations!

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