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10 Reasons To Try Contracting

10 Reasons To Try Contracting

A new year brings a lot of fresh starts; new diet, new budget – perhaps even a new job.

I often see people resigning from their old jobs before Christmas or returning home from overseas to start something new and exciting in the New Year. If you’re a free agent right now, there’s not necessarily any need to rush straight into a permanent role.

Now that you’re at this point, breathe, keep an open mind, and take the time to consider all your options – including contract work.

If you tend to think of temping or contracting as just a stop-gap – a second-best alternative to permanent work – then I want to challenge your thinking. There are so many brilliant reasons to contract.


1. More flexibility.

As an independent contractor, you effectively become your own boss, giving you the ability to negotiate how and where you work.

Maybe you don’t want that beach holiday to end? If you want to go on an extended trip to Hawaii this winter, you can! Contracting offers great flexibility and allows you to tick things off your bucket list in between assignments.

2. Potential to earn better pay.

It depends on your line of work, but by charging an hourly or day rate, you have the potential to earn more than a permanent employee doing the same tasks.

3. Try before you buy.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out or experienced in your field. If you’re unsure of the next step in your career, contracting gives you a chance to explore your options.

Also, many contract roles lead to permanent work, meaning you can get a feel for the culture, the team and the job before committing long-term.

4. Get more experience.

Tired of being told you don’t have industry or system experience? Contracting is your chance to broaden your experience and start adding more strings to your bow.

5. Build your network.

It’s a great way to meet new people & get into a new market. Whether you’re new to New Zealand or returning home from your OE, contracting will allow you to gain invaluable local experience and build your networks.

6. Start earning faster.

A permanent recruitment process can sometimes take up to two months! By taking that contract role, you could start earning much faster.

To find out what you should be getting paid for your temporary or contract role, check out this salary tool:

7. Build a strong reputation.

Networking and word-of-mouth are so important in a small place like New Zealand. If you’re a good worker, contracting is a perfect way to build an excellent reputation, fast and hear about new job opportunities.

8. Variety of work.

If you like a challenge and get bored easily, contracting provides enough variety to keep the spark alive.

Also, you’re generally required for project work, which means there’s an opportunity to gain experience across multiple businesses & industries.

9. Learn how to deal with change.

In today’s fast-changing world, employers look for candidates who are great with change – a skill you’ll have ample opportunity to develop when contracting.

10. Gain a sidekick.

Contracting gives you an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your recruiter. Because they’ll be familiar with your strengths and what kind of work you enjoy, they’ll be better placed to continually find you the right role – permanent or contract.

To learn more about contracting and what it entails, check out our website: Why Contract With Consult?

Convinced and chomping at the bit to get contracting? Get in touch with the team at Consult to chat about the roles we have that might suit you, or check out our latest jobs here.

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