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James Wilson

Senior Talent Advisor

James Wilson

Senior Talent Advisor

027 472 4448

James is another Consult(ian) that hails from the deep south (not really that deep – just deep for us Aucklanders).  He’s super proud of his Cantabrian roots and the Crusaders (he wrote something in his blurb about “being used to success” which of course we have now deleted).

But what makes him more interesting (than a cantab who likes rugby!) is that he’s part of a tartan-clad, award-winning pipe band called the Canterbury Caledonian Society. We are yet to see a performance, but apparently he is pretty good!

Another thing James is super proud of (and should be!) is his well versed 10 years of accounting and finance recruitment.

This is where many would impress you with his thousands of interviews and client meetings, but what it really means is that he’s invested his time in developing knowledge and expertise in his field – and it pays off because he knows the market, who the people are and importantly has a great understanding of the roles that he recruits for  – in fact – the more technical the better!

When James isn’t blowing on that bagpipe he can be found hanging out with his wife Sarah and Rocket – his aptly named hyper-energetic bearded collie. He also loves hacking his way around the golf course so that means he will fit in just fine here. If you want to chat (or a round of golf) – then give James a call.

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