It’s a fact.  If you are looking to attract and retain top performers in your organisation, you’ll need an awesome team environment.  Sounds easy, but it’s pretty hard to do in reality.

One of the advantages we have at Consult is we get to work with some really cool companies - these are some of the things we’ve observed about the best ones:

A great team environment:


  • Is highly communicative  

If your team doesn’t know what is going on in the business, they will start to make things up.  When there is change (and let’s face it, for a lot of finance teams, there is a lot of automation change right now), people will often assume the worst.  As managers there is sometimes the tendency to hold information back if it isn’t the best news, but all the best environments ensure they are managing the communication lines so no one is left wondering.


  • Has low tolerance for drama

We’ve all been there.  “That” person who isn’t really a culture fit, who is slightly aggrieved (perhaps has some issues going on) - suddenly you are faced with an environment where a person is spreading their toxic attitude.  Everyone knows about it. A great environment means that management handle this situation clearly and concisely.


  • Respects each person as an individual, but doesn’t play favourites

The best organisations allows individuals to thrive - in doing so - employees are free to be their authentic selves and contribute in their own best way. They also however, don’t allow that person to be so individual so that it is detrimental to the team. You see this a lot in sales environments - where the top biller is given free reign to do and behave as they see fit.  A great environment will allow this person to thrive but not to the detriment of the rest of the team.


  • Allows everyone to have a voice

There is great power in an environment where the newest person feels comfortable to contribute from early on in their employment, where the more junior person is heard and where the mum on maternity leave is able to contribute from a different perspective.


  • Supports growth and development  

So often, we meet amazing accountants who are seeking to leave their current employer because they are bored and need to be stretched in their role. Great environments ensure that they are developing their staff so employees can grow with the business. Yes, sometimes you will still lose that person, but at least you’ll know you’ve contributed to their awesomeness!


  • Doesn’t take itself too seriously  

Let’s face it - a bunch of our waking hours is spent at work, so it goes without saying that we need to make sure we have fun!  Great companies ensure that while they are serious about what they do, they also provide opportunities for a bit of downtime and fun also.


  • Goes with the flow  

Stuff happens, in business and in life.  Great environments are planned enough that they (and their employees) know where they are heading but flexible enough to allow for deviations from the plan.


Creating a team environment is crucial - not only to business success and attraction and retention of staff, but also because it is just simply the right thing to do. We'd love to hear what you've done to create a great team environment or lessons you've learnt along the way.  

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