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You’re too involved in office drama and it shows

Here’s how you survive office politics without landing in hot water.

Office politics may seem like a mysterious beast.

They’re like a game of musical chairs, except the chairs are full of hidden agendas.

So let’s talk about navigating the storm without landing in hot water.

#1: Play nice

Treat your colleagues with respect, regardless of their position or background.

Everyone else might be playing the game with their own agenda but keep your nose clean and just play nice.

Avoid getting involved in gossip or negative conversations and build relationships based on trust and mutual support.

#2: Watch and learn

Pay attention to the dynamics and relationships within the office. Understand the unwritten rules and power structures at play.

Learn from experienced colleagues who have successfully navigated office politics. They’re the ones who always stay one step back but always have an eye on what’s happening.

#3: Positive vibes only

When things get negative, it can be one person in the team that holds everyone together.

Cultivate a positive attitude that radiates throughout the office. Focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, and if you’re in the middle of some office politics, take a step back. Don’t get any more involved!

#4: Choose your battles wisely

Not every issue requires your involvement or opinion.

Prioritize your energy and engagement for matters that truly align with your goals, i.e. just focus on doing your job well and getting home on time.

Remember, sometimes it’s better to let go and focus on your own growth.

#5: Stand up for yourself (calmly)

It’s good to be assertive and stand up for yourself, but you’ve got to keep it professional and calm.

Kill em’ with kindness.

#6: Seek allies, not enemies

Build a network of supportive colleagues who can offer guidance and advice.

Surround yourself with positive influences who uplift and inspire you.

They’re the ones who make work fun and worth showing up for (other than to pay your bills, of course).

#7: Stay true to yourself

Maintain your integrity and authenticity in all situations.

Stick to your values and principles, even in the face of office politics. Don’t stoop to other’s levels.

Just let your work ethic and achievements speak for themselves.


  1. Play nice
  2. Watch and learn
  3. Positive vibes only
  4. Choose your battles wisely
  5. Stand up for yourself (calmly)
  6. Seek allies, not enemies
  7. Stay true to yourself

Good luck on your journey of conquering office politics!

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