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Tips for making new employees feel welcome

We’ve all been there and we all know how hard it is to be a newbie.

First, let’s go back to when you used to be that new employee:

  • You knew no-one,
  • You talked to no-one and
  • You ate lunch by yourself

When you don’t feel welcome in a new job, it sucks. It’s lonely and hard to perform at your best.

A new candidate is most likely to resign within the first 3 months if they don’t find a connection there.

Explore these strategies to create a warm and inviting environment for your new team members!

#1: Do the basics right

There is nothing more unwelcoming than arriving at a new job to find no laptop, no phone and no plan for your first day.

You set expectations right from the start with a new hire. Show them you care. 

If you fail to plan, you’ll plan to fail.

#2: Skip the awkward intros

Do introductions that go beyond names and titles. 

Don’t just walk them around the room introducing them, encourage team members to reach out and extend a warm welcome.

It’s a better experience if the team members introduce themselves than if you do the intro’s.

#3: Hey little buddy!

Assign mentors or buddies to guide new hires through their early days. 

By having someone the new employee can form a relationship with, it means they:

  • Make new friends early,
  • Don’t get left out,
  • Meet the team properly and
  • Learn about the job from their buddy

Encourage regular check-ins to address concerns and provide support.

#4: Let’s do lunch

Arrange a team lunch or gathering to welcome the new employee. 

This informal setting allows for relaxed conversations and helps them get to know their colleagues in a more social context.

#5: “Mic Check, One, Two”

Schedule regular one-on-one check-ins with the new employee to gauge their progress, address any concerns, and provide ongoing support. 

These check-ins demonstrate that their well-being and integration are a priority – because they should be!


  1. Do the basics right
  2. Skip the awkward intros
  3. Have a buddy system
  4. Organise a welcome lunch
  5. Do regular check-ins

Embrace the opportunity to shape their journey and create a workplace where everyone feels welcome, included, and inspired to excel.

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