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Your CV can be longer than 2 pages

We’re not saying go write the great American novel. But, if you have more than 10 years experience, you’ll never fit everything into 2 pages or less.

Your CV is a sales document selling YOU. Stop selling yourself short.

A slightly longer CV (3-4 pages) with all the info a recruiter or employer needs, showing great experience, is way better than a one-page summary.

Show your confidence and skillset on your CV with these tips.

#1: It’s not about length

Don’t make it longer for the sake of it but show how great you are.

Especially if you’re sending it to a recruiter. Any decent recruiter will know if it feels over the top and will work with you to refine it.

Don’t leave out amazing achievements and experience just because someone told you your CV has to be 2 pages or less.

#2: One size does not fit all

We’re often asked by candidates, should I tailor my CV to every job I apply for? The short answer is “Yes”.

You can either tailor it to each role or to save time, create a few different versions based on the jobs you’re targeting.

If you’re adding in irrelevant content, the reader will switch off. Keep them engaged.

#3: That award sounds fun, but they don’t care

Is your award for “Best Dressed at the Christmas Party” in 1999 really relevant to the job? Probably not.

Keep the CV focused on information the reader will care about.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you were a hiring manager reading your CV, would every bit of information make you think you’re a great candidate?

#4: Include tangible achievements

Include tangible results that prove your achievements, i.e. targets met, goals surpassed, time saved, money saved etc.

You want the hiring manager to quickly understand what you achieved and how well.

#5: How readable is your CV?

Imagine your CV is at the bottom of the pile. If it’s hard to read, consider it disregarded.

How many times have you seen a big document with lots of text and been bored before you even began reading it?

Be sure to use subheadings, bullet points and short blocks of text to make it more digestible. Don’t be afraid of white space either. It makes the reader feel like they can go through it quicker.

#6: Grammarly is your friend

We’ve seen this one catch so many people out. No spell-checking or proofreading of their CV. 

If you send your CV with spelling mistakes, confusing sentences and bad grammar, you might as well not have bothered.

Make sure you double-check it before submitting.


  1. Your CV can be longer than 2 pages but don’t ramble.
  2. Tailor your CV to each job.
  3. Only include relevant information.
  4. Include tangible achievements (targets met, money saved etc.).
  5. Make your CV easily digestible.
  6. Spell check and proofread before submitting.
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