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5 career myths to stop believing

#1 The ‘perfect job’ is out there.

Unfortunately, perfect jobs don’t exist. And that’s okay.

As your interests, technology, and industries change, so will your ‘ideal job’.

Be adaptable and open to change. That’s your golden ticket to enjoying work.

#2 Work hard, and you’ll earn a raise.

Unless you ask, most companies won’t give you a decent raise.

Back yourself, and stop biting your tongue.

Document your successes as they happen, and be ready for that salary review conversation.

#3 Your work speaks for itself.

You need more than hard work to progress your career.

People need to know about it too.

It’s not arrogant to self-promote. It’s about timing and making your value visible to others.

#4 Only apply for a job if you are 100% qualified.

Don’t believe this.

90% of the time, you won’t meet every job requirement.

That’s okay. You’re leaving room for growth.

Face self-doubt and take the leap.

#5 Negotiate the salary & you’ll lose the job offer.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

When applying for any job, ask about the salary range.

Likely, there’ll be some wiggle room.

Play the game because they are.

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