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10 Everyday Phrases That Basically Mean “Get *****d”

We use them, and hear them, all the time.

Politely worded little sentences that in fact contain a very clear message. And that message is often highly aggressive, or at best dismissive and derisory.

Often, the words are themselves pedantically polite, but the tone and the intent are most definitely the opposite.

Here are 10 passive-aggressive phrases we all hear daily.

Do you use them? Should you?

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but…”
“No offence, but…”
“With the greatest respect…”
“Thanks, but we have tried that before…”
“Sorry, that’s not my job”
“Thanks, but we have always done it this way….”
“Well, in my experience…”
“Can I be totally honest with you…?”
“Good luck with that.”
“I know you mean well, but…”

This list has got to be just a start.

What other passive/aggressive phrases do you hear? Or use? Do share in the comments below.

This post originally appeared on The Savage Truth.

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